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Experience the Civil War and Revolutionary War like never before and tour the battlefields in panoramic view. United States Mint – This slideshow of the coin-making process provides an overview of how the United States designs and manufactures coins. Watch the video “Celebrating the Light of the World | A Christmas on Temple Square Performance,” featuring Temple Square sister missionaries, Church leaders, and performers as they participate in a virtual event to begin the 2020 Christmas […] Opening days and times from 1 February. Click through the planets in the solar system to learn about each. NOTE: At the time this Virtual Tour was created, our 1741 Sounding Board had been removed from its spot over the pulpit and can be seen on the left side of the church. Virtual Tours. A ticket to the National Geographic Museum exhibit, “The Tomb of Christ: The Holy Sepulchre Experience,” comes with a warning: This exhibition features a short 3 … As our museums are closed due to COVID-19, staff are working on virtual tours for you to explore Pensacola's history. It has since been restored to its original appearance and returned to its proper place. Take virtual tours room-by-room of the whole museum. Virtual tours College virtual tours These 360° views cover facilities such as the dining hall, library, JCR, chapel, as well as an example of a student room, garden or quad, and the porters’ lodge. Take a virtual tour inside Westminster Abbey. Hours Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Closed Sunday. Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus. Our virtual tour will give you a glance of Canterbury Cathedral's stunning architecture, beautiful early medieval stained glass, soaring arches and fan vaulted ceilings. Take a virtual tour of the REAL nativity scene: 360 video shows the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem. Church History Museum. The virtual tours, which are available on-demand on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, cover the stunning architecture and history of the Chicago Cultural Center, built in 1897. Saint Peter. Take a virtual visit of the Sagrada Família. Virtual Tours Share Love! Touring Mars with Google Earth. Take a virtual tour of the Earth's moon here. Taking you on an inspirational journey across the Island of Ireland via 360° Virtual Tours. You will find the contact info throughout this page. Home / Virtual Tour. ... Grigware, who was not a Latter-day Saint himself, spent a year researching and understanding the history of the Church, which gave him a respect and love for the early members of the Church. Olana’s Historic Landscape Video Tour. This 10-part video series is an introduction to Olana's 250-acre designed landscape. Virtual tours. in Greece and Africa, who support our vulnerable groups of people on a daily basis to enable those of you who want to help. A total of 1,347 families joined me! The origin of the term 'virtual tour' dates to 1994. I was asked by the Church Communications not to create anymore Events on my Facebook page but to encourage you to book your own tours directly from the missionaries web sites. Special thanks to Villanova University in Pennsylvania (USA) for its contribution to the realization of the Virtual Reality Tour of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran Arounder Moon. Read up on the historic church in St Petersburg that was built as a memorial to Tsar Alexander II. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. History. Mormon Heritage Association offers unique, modestly-priced LDS Church history tours. Close Request your virtual tour Theatre & music Experience the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família as if you were there! I was asked by the Church Communications not to create anymore Events on my Facebook page but to encourage you to book your own tours directly from the missionaries web sites. The 360 virtual tour of the Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu helps the online visitors to see the holy places from their home as they are in the Basilica. Confessional Area. Saint Paul. See what it's like on Mars with this virtual tour. Narthex & Daystar Chapel. History & Heritage; What is a ... Rosary Garden Brick; Christmas at the Basilica; Mary’s Dwelling; Contact; Search for: Virtual Tour. 201 N. Pierce St., Delphos, OH 45833 Phone 419-695-4050 Dial option 1 for Emergency Fax 419-695-4060 Tours and markers on the site tell about Joseph Smith’s First Vision and his first visits with the angel Moroni. Taking advantage of the traffic of our Project, we have incorporated into it a category of support (without any financial benefit to our company), which will include all the necessary elements of Mission and NGOs. The Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Savior on the Blood Church is St. Petersburg, Russia claims to have more mosaics than any other church in the world. Whether you're a Civil War buff, a rock 'n' roll fan, or space nerd, there are plenty of amazing virtual tours and collections to keep you clicking until you can visit on-site. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher or a student; a homebody or a world traveler, at least one of these tours will inspire you to dig deeper into history and learn about famous sites all around the world. Immerse yourself in the history of Frederic Church and the environment he created over several decades. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Sites are relived in historical order so complex history is easily followed. In the spirit of a fine gospel doctrine class, inspiring history is taught right where it happened! The first example of a virtual tour was a museum visitor interpretive tour, consisting of 'walk-through' of a 3D reconstruction of Dudley Castle in England as it was in 1550. Some of you may be wondering why I didn't create a virtual tour Event this week. From Monday to Saturday 08.30 a.m. – 06.30 p.m. (final entry 04.30 p.m.) ALL THE EXTRAORDINARY OPENINGS OF THE LAST SUNDAY OF … The Cathedral also offers guided tours for groups and individuals, more … A Virtual Journey into the Universe. Drag the image to look around. Best virtual tours of UK attractions including Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge so you can explore without leaving the house Click below to view treasures including the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor, the Grave of the Unknown Warrior, the High Altar and the Coronation Chair in unprecedented detail. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – View panoramas inside the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. These virtual tours offer a glimpse at a world far beyond the everyday existence. Virtual Tour Back to Map. 360-degree views of Holy Sepulchre Church and the Tomb of Jesus help the online visitors to explore these holy places from anywhere and at any time. In 1894, to prepare himself mentally and spiritually for the work of designing the Cathedral, Bentley set out on a European tour of many of the ‘primitive’ church buildings of Europe with St Mark’s, Venice as the high point of his journey. Embark on a Virtual Journey. A total of 1,347 families joined me! Watch a virtual tour of Temple Square by sister missionaries and enjoy the Christmas lights and musical performances. Enjoy a virtual tour of Long Tower Church, first built in 1783. It looked very different in 1775 when Patrick Henry spoke here! You might not be able to visit these historic sites in person yet, but you can still learn the lessons of history via technology. See the virtual tours. Some of you may be wondering why I didn't create a virtual tour Event this week. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. Virtual Exhibit Tours. Mother and Child. Bentley’s Grand Tour It was to buildings such as Hagia Sophia, San Vitale in Ravenna and St Mark’s, Venice, that Bentley turned for inspiration. The video shows the shrine where Jesus is thought to have been born more than 2,000 years ago Chicago Cultural Center Check out these free virtual tours of “The People’s Palace”. You will find the contact info throughout this page. Virtual Tour You can enjoy a full 360 degree virtual walk-through view of the Cathedral below. Use this virtual tour to view the premises of Long Tower Church This new exhibit, available online and at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, tells the story of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through some of its most treasured documents. Take a look inside and see what the church looks like now. Jump from battlefield to battlefield using our virtual tours that offer historic detail on battle highlights and points of interest, compelling photography, lively video, in-depth articles and more. Facilities in Philadelphia and Denver are featured. This consisted of a computer controlled laserdisc based system designed by British-based engineer Colin Johnson. Crucified Christ Rising Christ. When you can't travel, don't worry.

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