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Overall, 44% of TikTok’s downloads occurred in 2019, totaling 738 million installs. In all the campaign utilised 200 influencers – one of whom brought in 70 million impressions. 64.73% of China’s 926.84 million social media users will log into TikTok (Douyin) at least once a day, says Bytedance. Kwai, it should be noted, is backed by Tencent. Its appeal, therefore, is not simply limited to kids…. App Annie also places TikTok in fourth position overall in terms of total 2018 global downloads. This spread represents something of a demographic shift. It was banned again, however, in June 2020, with political tensions escalating between India and China. Douyin kept its launch name in China, and now the twin apps are available in 141 countries, working in 39 languages via the App Store and Google Play. TikTok has 50 million daily active users in the U.S., meaning 18.68% of American’s with mobile internet users log in every day. An analysis of the 2020 Chinese New Year period, with added consideration of the increase in seasonal confinement due to the coronavirus outbreak, saw average daily time spent rising to 122.3 minutes (this pertains to users of the Jiguang/Aurora Mobile network – so not perfectly comparable to other datasets we’ve looked at). iResearch Consulting Group estimate that around $2 billion in revenue was brought in by these apps over 2018 (RMB 14 billion). Again these figures won’t include Chinese third-party downloads – who knows how high TikTok might have featured if so (as might’ve some other Chinese apps, particularly WeChat). Although sources have also indicated that Facebook is aiming to go head-to-head with TikTok in its biggest market outside of China, India, in 2020. Money transfer is an increasingly central part of the Chinese social app landscape, so it will be interesting to observe whether ByteDance takes any further steps in this direction. After merger, Tik Tok made of musically and ByteDance. By the end of 2019, Bytedance reported Douyin is used by over 59% of smartphone users and 68% of all Chinese social media users. Around 42% of revenue up until this point – or $1.5 million – came from the US, where the increase in spending measures 144%. In terms of iOS and Android download split, 75.5% or 1.5 billion have come from the Google Play Store and 459.2 million installs from the App Store. TikTok/Douyin active users: TikTok has 689 million monthly active users, whereas its twin Douyin (China’s version of TikTok) has 600 million daily active users. You can opt out anytime. TikTok’s download rank featured highly in both iOS and Android download charts over the course of 2019. Of these, Indonesia led the way, with 81 million downloads at that point – around 42% of the total. ByteDance’s revenue target for 2019 was to double this to $14.8 billion. We’ve limited the graphic below to individuals. We also get a snapshot of TikTok user income. This means we’re not seeing the impact of third-party Android revenue – which would most likely account for lion’s share of Chinese TikTok revenue. In the US, the app has seen a 787.86% increase in users within the same period, going from 11.2 to over 100 million active users. TikTok, known as Douyin in its home market, was launched in China in September 2016. TikTok / Douyin took 200 days to develop and initially launched into China’s App market in September 2016 by parent company Bytedance; it racked up 100 million users in a year. This was, however, early days for the app. $122.9 million of TikTok 2019 revenue comes from its home market; 69% of the total. The highest non-American is impressively-bequiffed Indian teenager Riyaz Aly, with 27.3 million followers. Most-downloaded apps of 2019, iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Android downloads account for all but a sliver of download in most of these markets, with the exception of the US, where iPhone users predominate. We see a distinct tail off among older users, with over 40s (a low cut-off point) accounting for a mere 5.4%. According to company filings, these are the latest figures highlighting its 1,157.76% growth since 2017 for TikTok’s international app (excluding Douyin, which is covered below). They also refer to the US and UK. In what activities do TikTok users engage? This ban was lifted when TikTok agreed to censor ‘negative’ content. This just outstrips spending in China, which at $1.4 million represents 39% of the total. TikTok downloaded 738 million times in 2019, Total TikTok downloads over 1.5 billion – making it the seventh-most downloaded app of the 2010s, It is estimated that 57% of the TikTok/Douyin userbase is based in China, India top market for TikTok downloads in 2019 (if we exclude Chinese Android downloads), with 323 million, Only 9% of US internet users have used TikTok, with 5% more interested in using it; this rises to 49% for teenage users, ByteDance reports 400 DAU of Douyin in China, and claim 68% of Chinese social media users/59% of smartphone users are Douyin users, Musical.ly counted 100 million users at time of August 2018 merger with TikTok, Singer Loren Gray is the most-followed person on TikTok, with close to 40 million followers, On Douyin, the most-followed account belongs to actor, model, and singer Dilraba Dilmurat, with around 55 million followers, Android TikTok users spent 68 billion hours using the app in 2019, China accounts for eight out of every 10 minutes viewed on TikTok, Average daily time on TikTok estimated at 45 minutes, US users open TikTok an average of eight times a day, with sessions averaging just under 5 minutes, Indian users spend 38 minutes daily using TikTok, TikTok one-week retention rate stands at 26%, A late 2018 Global Web Index study found 55% of TikTok users uploaded a video in the last month, compared to 68% who had watched one, TikTok 2019 revenue came to $176.9 million (excluding non-iOS Chinese revenue), ByteDance controls 23% of the Chinese digital app market, ByteDance became the world’s most highly-valued private startup, with a valuation of $78 billion after a SoftBank-led $3 billion investment round, 460,000 families used Douyin to capture moments with their entire family; family-related content received 2.79 billion views and 100 million likes, 6 million videos of parents and children uploaded to the platform, 76 million videos made to welcome newborns, 180,000 videos pertaining to university admissions tests and 380,000 videos pertaining to graduation uploaded, The most-liked profession was teacher, with 620 million likes, followed by nurse and firefighter, With 1.02 billion likes the ‘aging’ filter proved more popular than the ‘baby’ filter (210 million), Charting the speed of the journey in-between were 30.71 million users who used the ‘time goes on’ video option, Most viewed/uploaded city was Beijing, followed by Liaoning (a northeastern province, largest city Shenyang), and Shanghai; Beijing was also the most-liked city, followed by Chengdu, and Shanghai; top travel destinations were Datang Everbright City in Xian, Disneyland Shanghai, and Chengdu Panda Base, Most viewed city outside of China was Bangkok, followed by Seoul, and Tokyo, 89 million ‘knowledge-based content’ videos uploaded; cooking content was the most-popular type of knowledge-based content, followed by foreign language education, and academic subject-based education; one creator’s chemistry videos were viewed by 130 million people, another’s ancient architecture lectures were viewed by 64.1 million, and biology courses from a third were viewed by 41.8 million, Culture-related content received 543.1 billion views. China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism also took issue with a comic series published by ByteDance, which they claimed distorted Chinese history (taken down with an apology). In China, TikTok advertising has been available for much longer, though we do not have clear figures on revenue generated outside of the app store environment. Whether this momentum can be sustained in light of rivals that may not have even launched yet remains to be seen. Indeed, a slowdown in download growth was ascribed to a decline in Facebook ad spending. This is up from 250 million in January 2019. Other apps that have been banned in India include Clash of Kings, Weibo, Club Factory, and Shein. Interestingly the gender imbalance is most pronounced in the teenage category in which we find the highest proportion of TikTok users. Allegations of inappropriate content can have serious repercussions in China: TikTok’s ByteDance stablemate Neihan Duanzi (a joke-sharing app) did not survive allegations of this nature. In terms of ‘city tier’, Douyin usage is concentrated among the larger urban areas, with Tier 2 cities accounting for nearly a quarter of Douyin users. Most-followed individual accounts TikTok (January 2020), Not even Loren Gray can compete with top Douyin user, actor, model, and singer Dilraba Dilmurat – who boasts a huge 54.4 million followers (February 2020). TikTok’s Gen Z penetration is high in America, with 49% of teenagers stating they have used the app. Ducks aside, these stats perhaps do give us a little window into how 400 million daily active Douyin users interact with the app. We find a preponderance of usage among those with household income in excess of $100,000 bracket (37% of users). The same agency also gives us a demographic breakdown of TikTok users in India, Indonesia, and South Korea. The ban was overturned after TikTok successful demonstrated that it had taken suitable measures to deal with these issues. TikTok engagement in the U.S. has increased by 1,533% between 2017 to September 2019. A beta version of a ‘managed service platform’ – bringing TikTok into the biddable ads space followed in April 2019. Commentators have suggested, however, that this would not likely do much to ease pressure on ByteDance from the US. This represents a 25% increase year-on-year. Changing age demographics of Douyin Users in China. What percentage of Americans have used or plan to use TikTok as of December 2019? TikTok Financials. This internationalisation may prove a crucial advantage as well as a backup plan if it comes out of this contest badly – or, indeed, it falls foul of Chinese authorities. In the US, we accommodate users under 13 in a limited app experience, TikTok for Younger Users, which offers additional safeguards and privacy protections designed specifically for a younger audience. The short format seems to lend itself perfectly to the irreverent sense of humour of the first generation of true digital natives. China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, has 600 million daily active users (DAU’s) as of August 2020. This was the greatest level of engagement generated by any such ‘challenge’ on the platform recorded up until this point. Advertising brands need to pay attention – TikTok has an engagement rate of 5.30% on accounts with 100,000+ followers, compared to Instagram 1.10% and Twitter 0.30%. The article also points to the popularity of mini-TV shows on Douyin, with one example clocking up 6 million followers after posting a mere 14 videos. What sort of content do Douyin users upload? These are closely followed by new Tier 1 and Tier 3 cities. Indeed, it’s not just Facebook TikTok needs to fight off. In Brazil and Germany (both reckoned at around 3 million Android TikTok users), TikTok users skew female. AppTopia reports that while TikTok may have been in a dominant position in the US in terms of download volume in October 2018, it was not competing in terms of engagement with its more established rivals. Another popular theme was videos focused on one single area (beauty, pets, food, etc), around which relatively formulaic videos are produced. Among older demographics, we see the opposite trend. Previous figures set Douyin’s monthly active user count at 300 million in June 2018, with 150 million of these logging into Douyin on a daily basis. It’s no doubt that Bytedance’s app has crushed it, but it’s impressive how much. If any video went viral, you can verify the speed of an increase in TikTok hearts in those videos and share it with friends. According to parent company Bytedance, the current number of people on TikTok / Douyin is over 1.29 billion monthly active users, up from 500 million mid-2018. Its overall global positioning reflects the latter, which accounts for a far greater percentage of users than the former. Daily active Douyin user numbers increased by 19.4% over this period. The ban cost the app an estimated 15 million new users in what looked set to be TikTok’s best month to up until that point in the South Asian mega nation. On this evidence, TikTok certainly belongs to that category. We also get a content breakdown of what people born in certain decades most like to upload and watch. Our top-10 list also includes Indians Nisha Guragin, Awez Darbar, and Arishfa Khan. 90% of TIkTok users visit the app more than once per day. Musical.ly, it should be noted was a hugely popular app, which had topped iOS free download charts in 19 countries and counted 100 million monthly active users. It’s from a different source, so obviously not directly comparable to the above. It was pushed out globally as TikTok the following year. Other U.S. specific figures suggest that 63.5% of the monthly active users are aged 10-24 years old – with a staggering 52% being iPhone owners. Only the four apps that make up the Facebook stable, Snapchat, and Microsoft’s Skype feature ahead of it. No doubt, many older users will have been left scratching their heads at the rise of this mysterious app. musically Created By Alex Zhu And Luyu Yang In 2014 (China) . That’s a wrap for my roundup of TikTok and Douyin statistics. An updated figure does not seem to be publicly available – thus we will have to settle for this for now. The Miaozhen data to which we referred above put Douyin’s level of market penetration at 30%, as of June 2018, compared with Kuaishou’s 25%. But it’s not just India where the app is popular. According to venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, TikTok users spend 52 minutes per day using the app (a figure that dates back to September 2018). They are also confident about their own personal economies, with 41% – 1.33x more than global average – reporting that they were comfortable borrowing money. There’s not much to split the rest of the world, with penetration of between 12% (North America) and 10% (Latin America and Europe). TikTok is still in the early days of revenue generation, having slowly brought in ads over the course of 2019 (see below for more detail). With a rumored valuation of $110-$180 billion, TikTok & Douyin’s parent company Bytedance is now the world’s most valuable startup. These are the top hashtags used today in terms of popularity, however, you’ll get lost in the sheer number of posts. Notably, however, Chinese Android users were not included in the total, so we can safely assume that ByteDance’s home country is the number one source of revenue. ByteDance has one thing over its better-established rivals, however, and that is that it is the first to have succeeded in getting a foothold overseas. Out of 3.5 billion smartphone users, 36.85% use TikTok (19.69%) and Douyin (17.14%). TikTok itself has reported that US users open the app eight times a day in a bid to woo ad clients, with sessions averaging 4.9 minutes in length. This was seen as a way for the Chinese app to enter the US market – with Musical.ly already boasting a considerable American audience. Q4 2019 represented by far the best quarter for TikTok revenue to date, with quarter-on-quarter growth standing at 100%, and year-on-year growth at a stunning 500% (albeit from a relatively low base). Accordingly, ByteDance earned the rank of the world’s most-highly valued private startup, with a valuation of $78 billion in late 2018 (creeping past Uber’s pre-IPO valuation of $72 billion). As with so many apps, India’s TikTok user base is heavy skewed male, a ratio not too far off being 10:1. By comparison, Instagram averaged 111.5 million downloads per quarter. In China, 60% of TikTok users are within the 25-44 age group. In the US, 52% of TikTok users are on iOS – though this chimes with the market’s preference for Apple phones. Q1 2020 has been rumoured to be the new target for a ByteDance IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It seems as if many TikTok users who gain fame view the platform as a springboard to more conventional types of fame, which is probably linked to the superior earnings potential on offer.

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