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The Showers was a creepypasta that I read several years ago, but it remains one of my favorites. As Debbie showers we see an outline of someone getting closer. She couldn’t have weighed more than 70 pounds. My head wanted closure. Change ). My mom told me they couldn’t face the neighbors for what happened. See more ideas about fnaf, creepy, five nights at freddy's. But I knew she wasn’t dead. All these years later I can still draw you a vivid picture of the horrifying image in front of me. By Location. For a few minutes, you are alone from the world. When you hear the name Jigsaw, you think of a puppet with a creepy v... oice who sets up elaborate deaths for his victims in a game only he enjoys. Read Longest Shower from the story In Honor of Creepypasta by All_4_Fun (Sola Vitae) with 1,916 reads. I took the first shower I had taken in years that night. At the time I couldn’t figure out if she was alive or dead. The shower was still running. The Dionaea House – The Dionaea House is another early creepypasta, dating back to 2004, written by Eric Heisserer, who has actually found some success in … The length does, however, give this creepypasta something that other, shorter stories may not have. Anyway, you can imagine what this did to me. I told my parents that the old woman across the street was creeping me out. Her head was upright now, and she stared at me. A few minutes later she appeared in an upstairs window, sitting in her wheelchair. And I never saw her head turn. Advertisements Estimated reading time — < 1 minute Have you ever been taking a shower while alone in the house and felt like something was moving around behind the curtain? “August,” she mumbled. Voice artist Darren Marlar narrates true stories of real paranormal events and true crime. 1/10/2021. I watched from my bedroom window as the man ran out of the house and opened up the double-doors of his van. I slowly rose and looked out, expecting to see the silhouette of that tiny, skeletal being. I headed to the shower to rinse off. You usually trace over what seemed like thousands of scars on his back when you were sitting down and running your hands through his surprisingly soft hair. Inside it was clear that the ladies had been busy. She wouldn’t be coming back. Water rises to my ankles, to my waist, and then over my head. My parents were at my little sister’s softball game. I closed the browser and stared at my computer desktop for ten minutes. Rules Marked for Deletion Blog Guidelines Blogs Article Showcase. She watched the cars putter down our suburban road and gazed at the neighborhood kids scurrying through their yards. I didn’t even jump when the curtain rungs dragged across the shower rod and my wife entered. She could barely move those weeks she lived in that house. Maybe she used to write letters to her husband, and that’s why she was clutching the letter opener that night. Streaming since 1997, this bizarre webcam broadcast has one objective – drive the owner insane. I plead, but it won’t let me out. I wiped the shampoo from my eyes, turned my head, and I heard a strange noise that would haunt me in nightmares for years: the metal rings of the shower curtain being dragged across the shower rod. Help us out by reviewing new submissions. Did you look up? The “For Sale” sign was up in days. I must have only looked at her for one, maybe two seconds, but at that moment time stood still. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The stories about her cropped up pretty quick amongst my friends in the neighborhood. Add new page. -» Creepypasta Which Creepypasta Watches Over You? The man picked her up and placed her in the car. I have nightmares where I’m trapped in a shower. “Honey, is everything okay?” It was my wife. I told them what she said to me – “August” – and asked if they knew what she could have meant. Ben Drowned [edit | edit source] Newest. All alone in my bedroom, in the middle of the night with my drapes firmly shut, I’d wake up and shudder. I high-tailed it on foot down the street, eventually winding up at my friend’s house. Evil Dead (2013) A few months ago, something inside me clicked. Did you look up? I ran downstairs, naked and sopping wet. An Interview With Fear: What's Real and Not Real. The drain is plugged, and the the water won’t stop pouring down on me. She smiled grotesquely, and I felt the shower tile against my back and the hot water pound my face. I swallow water and flail helplessly in my glass coffin. She was directly facing my bedroom, and I cautiously peered out from behind my curtains. It was a veritable feast laid out in front of us. It finally made more sense, why she called me August. Though the location and the place is a little different, I couldn't help… Blotchy skin, warts all over her body, skinny breasts hanging to her waist. Before going in the house we all hit up the outside shower. That she was just a doll. It’s told that he came across an old mill and found a cellar. I instinctively backed up in the shower, and the curtain opened completely. Her silhouette was still in that window, lights off, staring out into the darkness at my bedroom. It was expressionless, emotionless. Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved. The Showers is a story about an odd mill somewhere in Kansas of Nebraska (Later on in the story it is revealed that it is Hastings, Nebraska). I smiled. Most Popular Categories. 5/Nov. I know where the nightmare came from – I never have to dig deep. The lower I was, the better. Creepypasta, Creepypasta Wiki Revival, Themaster401, and 3 more. Just stared, without moving her head an inch. But I felt her eyes move as they studied me. You were singing I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. fightforcreepypasta, quotes, creepy. When the police arrived they found the old woman, crumpled to a heap in the bathroom. ^ Might be MattShizzle, I’ve watched this site for a while now since 2014 – it was having troubles then too, to be fair, its an end of an Era, I wouldn’t say creepypastas have a grip on the internet as it did before, we all sort of grew up, ya know?, just a shame it ended in a sizzle, I guess most do. Disheveled white hair, crazy in her eyes, bones jutting out from under her stretched skin, stark naked. Can you defeat the Boss Horror? I didn’t talk about it with anyone since I was a kid – life carried on. I talked to people about it – my parents, a shrink – but mainly I tried to push the incident deep down into places where I couldn’t find it. A dark figure presses its face against the glass on the other side, and it watches me. Create a free website or blog at He quickly hopped into the driver’s seat, the younger woman pounced into the passenger seat, and the man put his foot to the pedal. Finally making it to the shower house, I walked in, and the row of showers stretched long- probably thirty feet of white walls, with slight layers of mold accumulating in the showers. Somehow that walking skeleton hadn’t checked out for another 15 years. The shower curtain turns to glass, and my screams turn to gargles. And while I was looking at the pictures, i got a "The Showers" vibe of the place. Why she was obsessed with watching me. Submit your own or an existing creepypasta. Jun 28, 2017 - creepy awesomness. But as she embraced me under the hot water, one question wouldn’t leave my head: How come the young woman in that wedding photo looks exactly like my wife? That bedroom light was still on. “August, August, August.”. And while I was looking at the pictures, i got a “The Showers” vibe of the place. The old woman’s limp head still faced me. Apparently they had taken the old woman – the man’s mother – to a special home downstate. The most terrifying horror monsters: clowns, dolls, maniacs, killers, mummies, zombies and ghosts came for you.

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